Making Friends


My son has always been confident and has been building up friendships since he was little. He has bonded so well with all his family and has started to know his friends’ names and to get excited about seeing them. He can list the other children at nursery and loves to play. If we are out and about he is entranced by older children and will head in their direction to find out what they are up to.

Obviously at home, he doesn’t have any other children to play with, but I have noticed recently that he is starting to build up friendships with his toys. I quite often hear him explaining things to his comforter Dexter and introducing dinosaurs and cars to each other.

The other day, he asked me to get some ‘grass’ for his dinosaur, whilst he was eating his yoghurt… which resulted in me taking the pictures below…. I love how his imagination is growing and growing and that he is so kind and wants to share with his ‘friends’.




When he caught me actually using the parsley for a recipe, he got quite upset that I was taking the dinosaur’s grass away!



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