Shaun the Sheep Movie


Mummies’ Movie club took a different turn this month as I decided to take Chiplet with me to see something instead of the usual evening out with friends (actually we are all off out next week to see a comedy club performance instead). The team at Picturehouse at The National Media Museum gave Chiplet and I two tickets to see Shaun the Sheep ahead of the half term rush of activities taking place at the museum.



I took to Twitter for some tips on how to approach the cinema with a 26 month old and was told to take bribes in the form of food and to get there early so Chiplet could get used to the dark environment and the giant screen. He was so excited to be there that he didn’t need the huge bag of malteasers that we bought from the box office, but by the time he had got through half of them, the trailers and adverts hadn’t even started! First taste of malteasers went down well then!


From the moment Shaun the Sheep started, Chiplet was entranced…. he usually sits quite quietly at home if he is watching something, but he was so excited with the ‘normous’ screen that he was interacting with the action…. ‘Its a chicken’ ‘he’s got hair’ ‘look at the doggy’ amongst his loudest phrases. In a film with no dialogue, his interjections were quite obvious and loud, but noone seemed to mind… perhaps this is the thing in a ‘U’ certificate film filled with children?

The film itself was brilliant. I didn’t expect to enjoy it quite so much myself, but there was so much humor for the grown ups, from references to other cult movies through to subtle facial expressions only meant for the grown ups.

The story is all about Shaun and his flock wanting a day off from the grind of life on the farm with The Farmer and Bitzer the dog. They are stuck in a rut and when Shaun spots an advert on side of a big city bus for relaxation, he plots to send The Farmer to sleep so the flock can take over the house and mooch on the couch with snacks and movies! Of course nothing goes to plan and in a rather elaborate turn of events, The Farmer ends up in the Big City with amnesia and the farm starts to go to ruin in his absence so loyal Bitzer and practical Shaun head to save him.

One of my favourite parts was the Baa-ber shop singing by the flock and I think Chiplet loved the little sheep Timmy and his teddy bear.

Chiplet sat still for the entire movie and loved it. He did keep saying ‘Mummy’s here’ to reassure himself in the dark, but was absolutely fine. My worry was that he was going to be running around all over the place, but there was no chance with such an engaging film. I would recommend the film for all ages to be honest.

You can watch the trailer here

And see the fantastic Shaun the Sheep February half term activities at The National Media Museum here 

*I was given tickets by Picturehouses to see this film in exchange for my honest review.



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