Minted Art and Stationery Review



A few weeks ago I wrote about my Minted Wishlist Well I was lucky enough to be able to choose some products to review on this here blog so here is an update on what I actually ended up purchasing.


I loved all the art pieces so decided to choose something for me and let the Hubbie choose something he liked. He definitely did not like the same things as me so we ended up with nothing off my original wishlist. You may remember I really liked the black and white giraffe but realised that our bedroom really needed a colour injection, so I compromised and went for this brilliant giraffe-type print from Kiana Mosely (1). Hubs likes pieces that ‘make sense’ i.e. not too abstract, so he chose this piece called Flawed Beauty by Matt Bamhart (2). I think it looks a little like rain. The picture gives a bit of insight into our lives on the bedside tables…. hubs has tiger balm and a homemade lamp… I have books, a postcard of India and a candle…. you can see none of our furniture matches… most of it has been donated to us along the years!

Then as something for Chiplet, we got this brilliant little notebook to record his Chiplet-ism in.


This came from the stationery section and worked out about £10 which I thought was quite reasonable for something totally personalised. It has a picture of us inside and a personal message. You could also choose different colours for each cover and different paper styles – lined, grid or plain. We have already started adding things too it… such as:

Me “You are full of beans today”

Chiplet “Not full of beans, I’m Chiplet”

From ordering to receiving the delivery was astonishingly quick for a parcel from the USA and everything was really well packaged and preserved., plus we also got a certificate of authenticity for the artwork. I really like the products on Minted and would consider them again for presents in the future.







*I was given a $100 voucher for Minted in exchange for my honest review

You can find out more about Minted at


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