A Break


I have been thinking for a while now about my blog, my writing, my life.


Things are changing a lot in so many areas of my life that finding the time and inclination to write here is difficult.


I started writing as a way to share my life and my ideas, what I loved and thought others would love.


When I had my son, I found it a brilliant way to connect to other mums, families and experiences.


I have written about some difficult things and some fun things.


I started a monthly link which makes me think about what my son has been up to every month and I have joined in with some brilliant links from other bloggers.


I have reviewed some amazing products and worked with some great brands.


The thing is, I have other priorities at the moment. Career changes afoot and a need to do things differently in my home life.


On rare and lovely family day out the other weekend I found myself thinking about making sure I got some good pictures of the cakes in the cafe for the blog I would do about our day out and I realized that my priorities are screwed up.


It’s time to just enjoy the life that is in front of me. And so, it’s time…. To take a break from Dinky Thinks.


Thank you for reading and maybe see you again




Rachel (March 2015)


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  1. Aw I have caught myself doing this sometimes and you are so right. It’s easy to get lost in priorities even when we always know we want our family and children to come first. Enjoy your break and hopefully see you back here one day xx

    • Thanks Lucinda for your support, comments and linking up. I wish you all the best with your blog. I know that thinking about blogging whilst having a family day out isn’t a BAD thing, but for me it is at the moment xx

  2. I’ve caught myself doing the same thing and it makes me really cross with myself. Now I’ve really pared down how much time I spend on my blog to one or two evenings a week, if that, and it’s made a huge difference to our lives.

    For what it’s worth I definitely think you’re making the right decision, afterall no one has ever got to the end of their lives wishing they’d spent more time blogging. I hope that one day you’ll pop back up on my Bloglovin feed but until then I’ll just imagine you having lots of fun and adventures. 🙂

    Good luck for the future Rachel. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and your wonderful family. Vx

  3. Hi Vickie. Thank you so much for your lovely words and understanding. I am sure lots of us feel the same and make the changes we need to improve our lives. For me, this is what I need to do right now xx

  4. Oh no – I’m sorry to hear this. But completely understand – your priorities are the most important thing. And it sounds like you’ve got the right ones. Good luck for the future – and thanks for your lovely words and help x

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