I’m back


It’s been 15 months since I decided to take a break from the old blogging. I was really in a strange place with work and personal life and it felt like the blog was just one step too far in the direction of being overloaded.

Since March 2015, I have launched my own business as a marketing consultant for social enterprises and charities and I haven’t really looked back at the redundancy which fired up the process.

Working for myself has given me a much needed balance to my life and allowed me to repair the bits that felt a little bit broken.

So now, I am back into the swing of life, I start thinking about hobbies that I enjoyed that have fallen by the wayside… and writing for pleasure is one of those things. So I am starting back on Dinky Thinks.

I also have something else that has prompted this return – and that is the news that I am expecting my second child in December. So I would like to document the early years as I did with Chiplet.

So hello – if anyone is still there 🙂

Here is where we are at now in our little family – Me, The Boy, Chiplet and Wriglet (the bump)




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  1. Ah I hadn’t read this when I posted my first comment! I’m so glad things have settled for you and that you’re back to blogging. Congrats on the business and the bump! Vx

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