Finding Out at the 20 Week Scan


The first time I was pregnant with Chiplet, there was never any question about finding out the gender of the baby. My husband (or boyfriend at the time) and I both wanted a surprise. I remember there being little doubt in my mind (or heart) that it was a boy that I was carrying though. I just felt like I was going to have a son and I even had a dream about his face.

wriglet 20 week scan

So this time around, we wanted to find out what we were having; mostly because Chiplet seemed convinced that he only wanted a brother. Once he realised he couldn’t choose, he then moved onto being convinced it was a little sister “because I am a boy Mummy and it must be a girl.”

So we set off for our 20 week scan today and everything was where it should be. We have a very wriggly little one – so the nickname Wriglet is really quite apt. It turns out that Wriglet doesn’t want us to know. The Ultrasound Technician hazarded a guess, but was not willing to stand by it due to too much movement.

I think I know in my heart what we are having though.



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