Dinky Thinks is the musings of Rachel, mummy to Chiplet (2012) and Wriglet (2016)



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  1. I’m about to create a Bradford Bloggers society – would you like to join. If so, please look me up on fb I’m named Bradford Threesixfive. You follow me on twitter! I’m going to be promoting Bloggers in Bradford.

    • Hi

      There are quite a few of these cropping up now. That is passionate people talking and sharing about Bradford.

      I have been doing this as have others via twitter using the hashtag #hiddenBD

      There are also sites such as Bradford Buzz, which is where I found this one which are doing the same.

      So basically, when it takes off, tweet it using the above hashtag and many more will pick it up



  2. just stumbled across your blog via FB a friend posted because of your write up of our beloved water park… here I am a Thornton Born Bradford lass reading about your visit from my old home town to my not so new (13) years stomping ground.. you got a doozy of a storm that day and were still clearing up fallen trees and branches in the whole area, most of Bosworth, Carlton Shackerstone, and Congerstone were without power for hours but here in Ibstock we were fine, pity didn’t know of you sooner we would have rallied to your aid with spare air beds and dry bedding. next time you’re down call for a cuppa.. only Yorkshire tea served here…

    • What a small universe we live in! Ha. Aid would have been much apreciated… It was unprecedented as storms go… I just wish I had managed to get some pics of the aftermath. Of all the weekends to choose!

      • Since then its been Scorchio…. my girls (13 & 15) have spent nearly every day at the Water park..its the place to be if you’re young, beautiful and have very little cash..

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