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Buying Brilliant Books


I love books so much that over the years I have had to use the library rather than buying them…. a combination of budget, space and the pure volume that I go through. I was so excited when I fell pregnant that I was going to get to read all the old classics with my child and also buy some of the new children’s books that I never had access to when I was little. Some of them are just fantastic! Favourites in our house are anything which have my son’s real name as one of the characters, anything with dinosaurs and most of Julia Donaldson’s books. We are members of the Parragon Book Buddies scheme plus we use our local library alot, so to be honest, it’s not often that I buy books. However, it has become a tradition that I visit the amazing book shop at Salt’s Mill in Saltaire every year to pick up presents.


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Spot A Lot Animal Escape (What We’re Reading)


We have been members of the fantastic Parragon Book Buddies scheme for over a year now and have had some great books through. Since asking to focus on picture books, we got this really gorgeous one in the post to review.


Now Chiplet LOVES animals and counting so Spot a Lot Animal Escape was always going to be popular.

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Around the World We Go (what we’re reading)


Around the World We Go arrived a few months back as part of the fantastic Parragon Book Buddies scheme which we are lucky enough to be involved with.

Chiplet was less than impressed with it to start with, as I am not sure he was quite at the right age. Now however, he is all about spotting things that he recognises on the page and this is a perfect book for spotting lots of different familiar and not so familiar objects.

PicMonkey Collage2

The book follows a group of children around the world. The vocabulary is quite simplistic, but has a rhythm and also brings in some foreign language as well. The illustrations are chunky and really quite charming. A particular favourite page is the one that features a monkey who also appears on the back of a digital camera held by a little girl in the foreground – this blows Chiplet’s mind! He couldn’t even wait until I sat on the sofa with him the other day and opening the book on the kitchen floor to start looking through it! He rarely goes an hour or so without wanting to read at the moment and is very particular about what he would like.

PicMonkey Collage

Bedtime is now quite hilarious as we have to go through every book on his shelf to find the ‘right’ one – after frantic head shaking by the little man when, heaven forbid, we suggest the wrong book.

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I was sent Around the World We Go as party of the Parragon Book Buddies scheme, but all views are my own.

Snug as a Bug (what we’re reading)


I may have (numerous) failings as a parent, but teaching my child to love books will not be one of them. I have devoured books since I could almost see (slight exaggeration) and I want to instill the same love in Chiplet. I wrote back in July about breeding a bookworm and I am thrilled to relate back that my little boy loves books.

He will go a pick up a book and then climb into my lap and sit happily whilst I read whatever he has chosen. I must admit to getting a lump in my throat everything he looks up at me happy to be read to. Recently he has started identifying things on the page which is just amazing. The biggest shock to me however was his ability to pick the right book from a pile of 10 when I explain which one he should bring to me.

At nursery, he apparently spend much of the day bringing books to the staff and likes to sit on the book trolley as if he owns it… adorable!


So what are we reading at the moment then? At bedtime, it’s all about Snug as a Bug (which has overtaken The Snail and The Whale) This was a present for Chiplet’s birthday and it sits on a high shelf – so it doesn’t go the way of The Snail and The Whale (well battered). It tells the story of George and his mum who head to the park. She tells him how warm and toasty he will be in his coat by relaying some great descriptions – such as a toasty as ‘ten geese all wrapped up in one fleece’. When George gets excitable at the park he takes his coat off – heading towards a possibility as being as cold as ‘four polar bears with tears in their flares’.

Chiplet likes this book as it is rhythmic and has great illustrations and I love it because it calms him down and he snuggles right into me when I read it – then snorts like a pig at the end when he sees the ‘three pigs in big purple wigs’ on the back page.

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It’s the Little Things


Chiplet has always been interested in the details behind how things work, but recently he seems able to probe a bit deeper.small things


The other day, he spent ages push his ‘Bunny Loves to Play’ finger puppet book from Parragon Book Buddies inside out and the right way round. He thought it was hilarious!

I just love watching him discover things and now alongside the fascination comes the super cute gestures and half sentences.

“All finished”

“All Gone”

and his excitement noise which is a mix of a shout out and a monkey call!

Books are always a winner in this house! What are your favourites at the moment?