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What Chiplet Loved (March 2015-June 2016)


It’s been a while…. precisely 16 months since I posted a What Chiplet Loved. I took a break from blogging but didn’t take a break from photographing my son.. so I thought I would do a quick catch up of what he has loved for the past 16 months!

Warning ….rather large photo collage coming… thank goodness for picmonkey:

first half collage

  1. March 2015 – My birthday present
  2. April 2015 – Crimdon Dene beach
  3. May 2015 – Charlotte’s Icecream Parlous
  4. June 2015 – Tiny cows
  5. July 2015 – Indoor rainbows
  6. August 2015 – Sticky Weetabix
  7. September 2015 – Hitting the water
  8. October 2015 – Working hard with Daddy

second half collage9. November 2015 -Being independent
10.December 2015 – Turning 3!
11. January 2016 – Cuddly toys and bed
12. February 2016 – The washing basket car
13. March 2016 – Easter gifts
14. April 2016 – The narrow gauge train at Betws-y-coed
15. May 2016 – Giant burgers and chips
16. June 2016 – Dipping toes in the water at Bolton Abbey

So that about brings us up to speed with what Chiplet has been loving!

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What Chiplet Loved (February 2015)


I can’t believe I am late with my own monthly feature… but where the heck did February go?!? Hang on… didn’t I say that about January?

So here is what Chiplet loved this month:



  1. Living in a box… erm… a wooden box
  2. My birthday present … finally…. 2 months down the line 🙂
  3. Mini Milks in February… I am a toddler… icecream is a year round treat
  4. Posing
  5. Climbing high rope bridges… I am super brave
  6. Peepo through the spooky window to mummy

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Me and Mine (February 2015)


A lovely day on the very last day of February and we managed to get a family shot at the fantastic Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire. We are wearing pretty much the same outfits we had on last month – our outdoor kit for the winter really!


We did think about a 1,2,3 swinging shot, but only ended up with this one of Chiplet’s boots and us looking crazy!


I am linking up with Lucy at Dear Beautiful for the Me and Mine project. It’s a fantastic way to ensure you get a family picture each month and amazing to look back over!  Head on over to to find out more about the Me and Mine project.



Shaun the Sheep Movie


Mummies’ Movie club took a different turn this month as I decided to take Chiplet with me to see something instead of the usual evening out with friends (actually we are all off out next week to see a comedy club performance instead). The team at Picturehouse at The National Media Museum gave Chiplet and I two tickets to see Shaun the Sheep ahead of the half term rush of activities taking place at the museum.



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Making Friends


My son has always been confident and has been building up friendships since he was little. He has bonded so well with all his family and has started to know his friends’ names and to get excited about seeing them. He can list the other children at nursery and loves to play. If we are out and about he is entranced by older children and will head in their direction to find out what they are up to.

Obviously at home, he doesn’t have any other children to play with, but I have noticed recently that he is starting to build up friendships with his toys. I quite often hear him explaining things to his comforter Dexter and introducing dinosaurs and cars to each other.

The other day, he asked me to get some ‘grass’ for his dinosaur, whilst he was eating his yoghurt… which resulted in me taking the pictures below…. I love how his imagination is growing and growing and that he is so kind and wants to share with his ‘friends’.




When he caught me actually using the parsley for a recipe, he got quite upset that I was taking the dinosaur’s grass away!