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Me and Mine October 2016


Walking is keeping me sane at the moment and this lovely picture was taken on a Monday morning in our local country park. We were out for 2 hours and didn’t cover much ground due to me waddling and Chiplet stopping to look at everything, but the fresh air did wonders for everyone’s mood.

I don’t think Wriglet is going to be massively early, but there is a small chance that this could be the last me and mine before she arrives – so it feels pretty special!



Me and Mine – September 2016


I am taking a bit of poetic license this month as this photo is ‘technically’ from the end of August…. but September has been so mad that this is the only recent picture of the three (or four) of us.

This was taken on Sandsend beach in Yorkshire where we went for our holiday this year and we had a wonderful time playing on the sand and spending time together.

I can’t believe that in 10 weeks we will getting ready to welcome our daughter into the world… this pregnancy is speeding up something crazy.


I actually love comparing year on year as well – and in 2014 we were also on a beach – but in Brighton… I can’t believe how much my little man has grown up!


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Me and Mine – August 2016


February 2015 was the last time we did a Me and Mine portrait. I thought we should get a few in before we have a new addition… this picture was taken in the same spot at my sister’s house as one we took in May 2013. I love the fact that Chiplet couldn’t put the panda down for the photo. He always goes straight to the spare room at my sister’s to pick him up and give him cuddles.



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Wild Camping Close to Home


Ah how we do love to camp in our family. It can sometimes feel like  bit of a chore getting loaded up and heading for a long drive though; so when we  were given the chance to camp in a friend’s field just up the road we grabbed it with both hands.

We are lucky enough to have a camper van, so come rain or shine we know we can always be dry and warm at least!


The spot has its own firepit and slide and we took our hammock and hitched it up to the trees. It was so lovely to have no distractions and just spend some family time BBQ-ing sausages and toasting marshmallows. Bliss! My little superman loved it as well.



I’m back


It’s been 15 months since I decided to take a break from the old blogging. I was really in a strange place with work and personal life and it felt like the blog was just one step too far in the direction of being overloaded.

Since March 2015, I have launched my own business as a marketing consultant for social enterprises and charities and I haven’t really looked back at the redundancy which fired up the process.

Working for myself has given me a much needed balance to my life and allowed me to repair the bits that felt a little bit broken.

So now, I am back into the swing of life, I start thinking about hobbies that I enjoyed that have fallen by the wayside… and writing for pleasure is one of those things. So I am starting back on Dinky Thinks.

I also have something else that has prompted this return – and that is the news that I am expecting my second child in December. So I would like to document the early years as I did with Chiplet.

So hello – if anyone is still there 🙂

Here is where we are at now in our little family – Me, The Boy, Chiplet and Wriglet (the bump)